ij-plugins Toolkit API
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ID - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.metaimage.MiTag
IFunction - Interface in net.sf.ij_plugins.math
IJDebug - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.util
Simple helper for logging using IJ.log() , but only when IJ.debugMode is true.
IJPluginsException - Exception in net.sf.ij_plugins
Exception specific to net.sf.ij_plugins package.
IJPluginsException(String) - Constructor for exception net.sf.ij_plugins.IJPluginsException
IJPluginsException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception net.sf.ij_plugins.IJPluginsException
IJPluginsRuntimeException - Exception in net.sf.ij_plugins
IJPluginsRuntimeException() - Constructor for exception net.sf.ij_plugins.IJPluginsRuntimeException
IJPluginsRuntimeException(String) - Constructor for exception net.sf.ij_plugins.IJPluginsRuntimeException
IJPluginsRuntimeException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception net.sf.ij_plugins.IJPluginsRuntimeException
IJPluginsRuntimeException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception net.sf.ij_plugins.IJPluginsRuntimeException
IJPluginsSimpleBeanInfo - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.util
IJPluginsSimpleBeanInfo(Class<?>) - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.IJPluginsSimpleBeanInfo
IJProgressBarAdapter - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress
Simple adapter for attaching a ProgressReporter to ImageJ's progress bar.
IJProgressBarAdapter() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.IJProgressBarAdapter
IJUtils - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.util
image - Variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
ImageQuilter - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting
This class implements the texture synthesis algorithm described by the paper "Image Quilting for Texture Synthesis and Transfer".
ImageQuilter(ImageProcessor, int, int, boolean, double) - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.ImageQuilter
This sets up the algorithm.
ImageQuilterPlugin - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting
ImageQuilterPlugin() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.ImageQuilterPlugin
imageX(int) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
imageY(int) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
initializeClusterCenters() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeans2D
initializeClusterCenters() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeans3D
initializeImageStructures() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.grow.SRG
initializeImageStructures() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.grow.SRG2DVector
insert(float) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.RedBlackTreeFloat
insert(K) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.RedBlackTree
IntensityShiftPlugin - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.color
IntensityShiftPlugin() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.color.IntensityShiftPlugin
IOUtils - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.io
I/O utilities.
IRunningMedianFloatOperator - Interface in net.sf.ij_plugins.filters
isAtLeftEdge() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
returns true iff getCornerX() == 0
isAtTopEdge() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
returns true iff getCornerY() == 0
isBigRegionFunction() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.PeronaMalikAnisotropicDiffusion
isClusterAnimationEnabled() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeansConfig
Return true if when an animation illustrating cluster optimization is enabled.
isEmpty() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.RedBlackTreeFloat
Test if the tree is logically empty.
isEmpty() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.RedBlackTree
Test if the tree is logically empty.
isEnabled() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.AbstractModelAction
isGrowHistoryEnabled() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.grow.SRG3D
isPrintTraceEnabled() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeansConfig
Return true if a trace is printed to the ImageJ's Result window.
isRandomizationSeedEnabled() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeansConfig
If true, random number generator will be initialized with a randomizationSeed.
isTrue(boolean, String) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.Validate
Validate that the argument condition is true; otherwise throwing an exception with the specified message.
iterator() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
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