ij-plugins Toolkit API
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g(double) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.PeronaMalikAnisotropicDiffusion
Function preserving (and enhancing) edges
gaussian(int) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.SynthAide
This returns a square 2D normalized Gaussian filter of the given size.
GaussianSmoothFilter - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.filters
GaussianSmoothFilter() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.GaussianSmoothFilter
get(int, int) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
Return pixel value at coordinates (x, y).
get(int, int, float[]) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
Return pixel value at coordinates (x, y).
getAdditionalBeanInfo() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.PeronaMalikAnisotropicDiffusionBeanInfo
getAdditionalBeanInfo() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.SRADBeanInfo
getBeta() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.FluxAnisotropicDiffusionFilter
getBinColors() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.color.ColorHistogram
getBinMeanColors() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.color.ColorHistogram
getBinMeans() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.color.ColorHistogram
getBins() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.color.ColorHistogram
getBinsPerBand() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.color.ColorHistogram
getBoundingBox(ImageStack) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.Util
Computes a bounding box for an image.
getC1() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.CoherenceEnhancingDiffusionFilter
getC2() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.CoherenceEnhancingDiffusionFilter
getClusterAnimation() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeans2D
Return stack representing clustering optimization.
getCol() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.TwoDLoc
getColor() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.GlassPane
getColor() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.Region
getControlPoints() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.math.PiecewiseFunction
getCornerX() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
returns the image x coordinate of the upper left corner of the view
getCornerY() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
returns the image y coordinate of the upper left corner of the view
getCosts() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.MinPathFinder
getCThreshold() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.SRAD
getDerivativeAtFirst() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.math.CubicSplineFunction
Required derivative at the first control point.
getDerivativeAtLast() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.math.CubicSplineFunction
Required derivative at the last control point.
getFirst() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.Pair
getGrowHistoryDirectory() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.grow.SRG3D
getHeight() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
getHeight() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.Patch
getImage() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
This returns the image that this is a view of.
getImage() - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.UIUtils
Return image in currently selected ImageJ window, or null is no image window is selected.
getImageJIconImage() - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.UIUtils
Returns icon used by ImageJ main frame.
getIntegrationScale() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.CoherenceEnhancingDiffusionFilter
getK() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.PeronaMalikAnisotropicDiffusion
getMeanSquareError() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.AbstractAnisotropicDiffusion
getMessage() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.ProgressEvent
getMinimumChange() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.ProgressAccumulator
getModel() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.AbstractModelAction
getModel() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.MultiRegionManagerView
getName() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.Region
getName() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.SubRegion
getNeighbors() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.operators.Neighborhood3x3
getNoiseScale() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.CoherenceEnhancingDiffusionFilter
getNormalizedBins() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.color.ColorHistogram
getNumberOfClusters() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeansConfig
getNumberOfIterations() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.AbstractAnisotropicDiffusion
getNumberOfIterations() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.CoherenceEnhancingDiffusionFilter
getNumberOfIterations() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.FluxAnisotropicDiffusionFilter
getNumberOfValues() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
getOffset() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor.PixelIterator
getPaths() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.MinPathFinder
getPixels() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
Gives direct access to pixel values in the image first index is the pixel number (between 0 and width*height-1), the second index references within each pixel value.
getProgress() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.ProgressEvent
getProgressBar() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
getPropertyChangeListeners() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.AbstractModel
getPropertyChangeListeners(String) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.AbstractModel
getPropertyChangeListeners() - Method in interface net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.Model
getPropertyChangeListeners(String) - Method in interface net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.Model
getPropertyDescriptors() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.AbstractAnisotropicDiffusionBeanInfo
getPropertyDescriptors() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.PeronaMalikAnisotropicDiffusionBeanInfo
getPropertyDescriptors() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.SRADBeanInfo
getQ0() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.SRAD
getRandomizationSeed() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeansConfig
getRegionMarkers() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.grow.SRG3D
getRegions() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.MultiRegionManagerModel
getRo() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.SRAD
getRoi() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
getRoi() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.SubRegion
getRoiManager() - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.IJUtils
getRow() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.TwoDLoc
getSample(int, int, int[]) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.Patch
Bounds checks the input to make sure it is part of the patch and then gets the sample from the view.
getSample(int, int, int[]) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.View
This fetches the RGB values from the given view coordinates.
getSecond() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.Pair
getSelectedRegion() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.MultiRegionManagerModel
getSelectedSubRegion() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.MultiRegionManagerModel
getSigma() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.FluxAnisotropicDiffusionFilter
getSpaceScale() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.DirectionalCoherenceFilter
getStandardDeviation() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.GaussianSmoothFilter
getSubRegions() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.Region
getTimeStep() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.AbstractAnisotropicDiffusion
getTimeStep() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.CoherenceEnhancingDiffusionFilter
getTolerance() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeansConfig
Return tolerance used to determine cluster centroid distance.
getValueMax() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.grow.ConnectedThresholdFilterBase
Gets the ValueMax attribute of the ConnectedThresholdFilter object
getValueMin() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.grow.ConnectedThresholdFilterBase
Gets the ValueMin attribute of the ConnectedThresholdFilter object
getWidth() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor
getWidth() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.Patch
getX() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor.PixelIterator
getX() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.TwoDLoc
getXOffset() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.Patch
getY() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorProcessor.PixelIterator
getY() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.TwoDLoc
getYOffset() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.quilting.Patch
GlassPane - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.ui
The GlassPane in front of a window to indicate that the window is busy performing an action and is not accepting user input.
GlassPane() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.GlassPane
GROW_HISTORY_FILE_FORMAT - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.grow.SRG3D
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