ij-plugins Toolkit API
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AbstractAnisotropicDiffusion - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.filters
Base class for implementing anisotropic diffusion filters.
AbstractAnisotropicDiffusion() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.AbstractAnisotropicDiffusion
AbstractAnisotropicDiffusionBeanInfo - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.filters
AbstractAnisotropicDiffusionBeanInfo() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.AbstractAnisotropicDiffusionBeanInfo
AbstractAnisotropicDiffusionPlugin - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.filters
Helper class for creating anisotropic diffusion plugins.
AbstractAnisotropicDiffusionPlugin(String) - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.AbstractAnisotropicDiffusionPlugin
AbstractModel - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.beans
Abstract implementation of Model interface that provides methods for property change notification.
AbstractModel() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.AbstractModel
AbstractModelAction<M extends Model> - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.ui
Helper for implementing actions that interact with a (presentation) model.
AbstractModelAction(String) - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.AbstractModelAction
AbstractModelAction(String, M) - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.AbstractModelAction
add(float[], float[]) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.multiband.VectorMath
add(SubRegion) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.multiregion.Region
addProgressListener(ProgressListener) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.AbstractAnisotropicDiffusion
addProgressListener(ProgressListener) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.DefaultProgressReporter
addProgressListener(ProgressListener) - Method in interface net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.ProgressReporter
Add progress listener.
addProgressReporter(ProgressReporter) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.ProgressAccumulator
Add progress reporter with default weight of 1.
addProgressReporter(ProgressReporter, double) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.ProgressAccumulator
Add progress reporter with given weight.
addProgressReporter(ProgressReporter, double, String) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.progress.ProgressAccumulator
Add progress reporter with given weight.
addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.AbstractModel
addPropertyChangeListener(String, PropertyChangeListener) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.AbstractModel
addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in interface net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.Model
addPropertyChangeListener(String, PropertyChangeListener) - Method in interface net.sf.ij_plugins.beans.Model
addToROIManager(Collection<Roi>) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.IJUtils
Add result ROIs to ROI Manager, replacing current content.
ANATOMICAL_ORIENTATION - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.metaimage.MiTag
argumentNotNull(Object, String) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.Validate
Checks if the object is not null.
AutoCrop3D - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.filters
AutoCrop3DPlugin - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.filters
Reduce size of an image to smallest one containing all non-zero pixels.
AutoCrop3DPlugin() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.filters.AutoCrop3DPlugin
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