ij-plugins Toolkit API
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ELEMENT_BYTE_ORDER_MSB - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.metaimage.MiTag
Equal to 'True' if image data are stored using MSB (most significant bye) order, otherwise 'False'.
ELEMENT_DATA_FILE - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.metaimage.MiTag
Location of the image data file.
ELEMENT_NUMBER_OF_CHANNELS - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.metaimage.MiTag
MET_INT - Number of values (of type ElementType) per voxel
ELEMENT_SIZE - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.metaimage.MiTag
Size of each voxel, e.g.
ELEMENT_SPACING - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.metaimage.MiTag
Spacing between voxels (for instance, MRI images often use overlapping slices), e.g.
ELEMENT_TYPE - Static variable in class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.metaimage.MiTag
Atomic data type.
encodeCentroidValueImage() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeans2D
encodeCentroidValueImage() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.clustering.KMeans3D
encodeOrigin(ImagePlus, Point3D) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.Util
Add origin property to image imp.
Enumeration - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.util
Abstract base class for representing enumeration.
Enumeration(String) - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.Enumeration
Constructor for the Enumeration object
equals(Object) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.Point3DInt
equals(Object) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.util.Pair
erode(ImagePlus) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.morphology.Morpho
Compute 3D morphological erosion (min) of src image.
erode(ImageStack, ImageStack) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.im3d.morphology.Morpho
Perform morphological erosion (min) of src image, write results to dest image.
error(String) - Static method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.ui.UIUtils
Show error message and abort macro execution.
evaluate() - Method in interface net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.IRunningMedianFloatOperator
evaluate() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.RunningMedianOperator
evaluate() - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.filters.RunningMedianRBTOperator
evaluate(double) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.math.CubicSplineFunction
Return cubic-spline interpolated value of y.
evaluate(double) - Method in interface net.sf.ij_plugins.math.IFunction
evaluate(double[]) - Method in interface net.sf.ij_plugins.math.IFunction
evaluate(double) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.math.PiecewiseFunction
evaluate(double[]) - Method in class net.sf.ij_plugins.math.PiecewiseFunction
ExportAsSTL - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.io
Interprets image intensity as height and writes a surface represented by the height image in STL format.
ExportAsSTL() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.ExportAsSTL
ExportAsSTLPlugIn - Class in net.sf.ij_plugins.io
ExportAsSTLPlugIn() - Constructor for class net.sf.ij_plugins.io.ExportAsSTLPlugIn
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