Use Scala language to write scripts using ImageJ API. Have full access to ImageJ API and API's of all installed plugins. Tutorials and code examples are available.


  • Plugins > Scripting > Scala Console - Opens Scala Console with access to ImageJ class loader enabling access to ImageJ and all installed plugins.


Scala Console plugins are distributed in file ij-scala_bin_version.zip available in ij-scala package at: .

  1. Download ij-scala_bin_version.zip
  2. Unzip to ImageJ plugins directory. This should create subdirectory ij-plugins, this directory is shared with ij-plugins Toolkit plugins.
  3. If you have previous installation of ij-scala make sure that there is only single version of each ij-scala_*.jar, scala-module-version.jar in ij-plugins directory. Delete older ones. Check also subdirectory ij-scala for older versions of the plugin.
  4. Restart ImageJ.


Scala Console