NOTE: ImageJ for Zaurus is now retired and no longer supported. The ij-Scala plugin is provided instead.


Use Groovy dynamic language to write scripts using ImageJ API. Have full access to ImageJ API and API's of all installed plugins. Tutorials and code examples are available.


  • Plugins > Scripting > Groovy Console - Opens Groovy Console with access to ImageJ class loader enabling access to ImageJ and all installed plugins.


Plugins are distributed in file ij-groovy_.jar available in ij-groovy package at:

  1. Download ij-groovy_bin_*.zip
  2. Unzip to ImageJ plugins directory. This should create subdirectory ij-groovy.
  3. If you have previous installation of ij-Groovy make sure that there is only single groovy-all-?.?.?.jar in ij-groovy directory. Delete older ones.
  4. Restart ImageJ.


Groovy Concole