NOTE: ImageJ for Zaurus is now retired and no longer supported.

ImageJ for Zaurus (Retired)

ImageJ can be run on Sharp Zaurus PDAs practically without any modification. To simplify installation of ImageJ on Zaurus I repackaged binaries for ImageJ in IPKG format, so it can be installed as any other package for Zaurus. Both Jeode Java and Sun's J2ME Personal Profile are supported.




Follow the download link and download imagej_*_arm.ipk. Follow normal procedure of installing packages on Zaurus. Link for starting ImageJ will be installed under Java (Jeode) tab. You can also start it from command prompt typing imagej for Jeode (evm) or imagej-cvm for Sun's J2ME Personal Profile (cvm). ImageJ JAR is being installed into /opt/QtPalmtop/imagej and plugins into /opt/QtPalmtop/imagej/plugins.